Online Membership and Registration Portal

Welcome to the new Online Membership and Registration Portal for Race World Offshore, LLC. Our goal is to streamline administrative functions for race teams while at the same time, produce real-time entry lists as well as useful tools for staff, media and race event producers.

Functioning like a modern shopping cart, we ask (and require) that you register and purchase your RWO Membership, equipment registration and race event registration here prior to attending an event. All of your information will be stored on a secure AWS server and your payment (credit card information) will be encrypted through Stripe, a third party provider (the gold standard for online payment processing).

New RWO Member Portal Functions:

  • Purchase a single RWO Membership, view cart and checkout
  • Enter a race event & purchase multiple memberships for your crew
    (Crew members must fill out their own RWO Membership and can skip the checkout process)
  • Equipment registration (required once for your first race) can be added to your order
  • Sponsor, manufacturer and family categories for RWO Memberships
  • Patrol boats & support boat captains can register for a complimentary RWO Membership

Benefits of Online Registration:

  • Streamlined administrative functions
  • Quicker processing at event race registration
  • Register online at your convenience
  • Confirmation order receipts emailed to you
  • Takes the guesswork out of registration fees
  • Easy proof of purchase and member verification
  • Membership has privileges, but not guaranteed crane access

Requirements at RWO Race Events:

  • All race teams & crew must confirm registration on site at each race event
  • RWO member requesting access to restricted crane areas must sign in on site
    (RWO membership does not guarantee restricted area access)
  • All memberships, race entry & equipment forms must be completed online prior to arrival