Equipment Registration

NOTE: FEES ARE WAIVED FOR 2018 SEASON if you participated in Key West (2017) and your boat is on Key West World Championship combined results page. Thank you for registering your equipment with Race World Offshore. Please ensure you input all the correct information in the ensuing registration form. The inaugural season for RWO reflects favorably discounted equipment fees for new members.




  • Membership does not guarantee access into the hot pits. Access into hot pits requires a signed waiver at RWO Registration. Access for non crew members to hot pits is at the discrimination of RWO Officials and will not exceed maximum capacity requirement, per insurance regulations.
  • Terms and Conditions

    Any person who operates or in any way assists in the operation of a race boat, truck, or support equipment, whether as a driver, throttleman, navigator or active crew member, while testing or in competition, must be a member in good standing with Race World Offshore, LLC, (RWO) in addition to any person participating as an active crew i.e. owner, driver, riding or non-riding crew member, active pit crew, tow vehicle driver, mechanics, etc.

    I acknowledge that my email address attached to this request and verification provided on-site with a Race World Offshore, LLC registration official is correct.

    I understand that while participating in events sanctioned by Race World Offshore, LLC, and its assignees may use my name, picture, pictures taken of myself, of my boat, or any team assets, in any way, medium or material for promoting, advertising, recording or reporting any Race World Offshore, LLC sanctioned event before, during and after such event and do hereby relinquish all rights hereto for these purposes.

    I hereby agree to assume all responsibility and liability for all acts or activities of myself, my drivers, assistants and crew for any and all damages or injury that may be caused by any or all of us or by our boat, motor, properties or possessions in any way growing out of or resulting from the operation of my Race World Offshore, LLC registered boat racing equipment and/or as a result of our participating in an RWO regatta or special event during the event sanctioning period.

    In consideration of their promotional efforts on behalf of the sport, I hereby assign all commercial communication and broadcast rights to Race World Offshore, LLC and do declare them as my lawful agents and representatives regarding such rights.

    I hereby acknowledge that the activities of the event(s) are very dangerous and involve the risk of serious injury and/or death and/or property damage.

    No owner, driver or contestant, associate or representative thereof shall hold any other owner, driver or contestant or representative thereof liable for any personal injuries or damage resulting from an accident of racing occurring in a sanctioned race, except as a result of deliberate collision or other premeditated acts of unsportsmanlike nature. The question whether the act was deliberate or premeditated shall be determined by the DRO, subject to review by the appropriate Race World Offshore, LLC Official.

    After clicking “submit”, you will be directed to the payment page. Add an equipment fee to your cart and proceed to checkout.
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